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Fat Positive Fertility Coaching [PERSONAL SUPPORT]

Need some 1-to-1 support? Find out more about how we can work together no matter where you are in the world.

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The Fat Girl's Guide to Getting Pregnant [FREE]

In The Fat Girl's Guide to Getting Pregnant, I’m going to share with you three steps you can take to begin to unravel the fucked up way we see our fat bodies when we are trying to get pregnant. 

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How to stop feeling shit about wanting to get pregnant [MINI COURSE]

It's time to put an end to that voice in your head that keeps telling you that you are are too fat to get pregnant.

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The Fertility Un-Diet

I am going to help you figure out what foods YOU should be eating whilst you are on your journey to getting pregnant. 

Without dieting, calorie-counting or portion control. We are not focusing on weight loss and this is not about dieting. This is about nourishing your body with food and love.

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[FREE INTERVIEW SERIES] Empowering Fat Future Mamas

All we ever hear is how terrible it is for fat women to get pregnant or even want to get pregnant.

Empowering Fat Future Mamas is the antidote to that. It's an incredible interview series documenting the real and raw journeys of fat women to motherhood.

Every couple of weeks, you'll hear from another amazing fat woman as she shares her success story to become a mama.

During these conversations, we share the highs and the lows of getting pregnant in a fat body:

  • what was easy,
  • what was hard
  • and what words of wisdom we want to share.

It is my hope that these conversations will empower you to feel confident in your own fat body to become a mama.

These interviews were created with you in mind if:

  • you are in a fat body
  • you want to get pregnant now or sometime in the future
  • you worry about if you will be able to get pregnant
  • you worry if you should even try and get pregnant

Each video interview is between 30-60 min long. You can watch the interview here or access the audio to watch on the go a week later. Transcripts for those who prefer to read the interviews will be available soon.

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Fat Positive Fertility Hub

The Fat Positive Fertility Hub is a resource centre for fat women who want to get pregnant. 

The resources and tools are organised into the four key areas of the Fat Positive Fertility Framework.

Simply chose the area you want to focus on first and use the resources to build your toolkit. Click Start Here to see the first resource for each area for free.

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