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All we ever hear is how terrible it is for fat women to get pregnant or even want to get pregnant.

Empowering Fat Future Mamas is the antidote to that. It's an incredible interview series documenting the real and raw journeys of fat women to motherhood.

Every couple of weeks, you'll hear from another amazing fat woman as she shares her success story to become a mama.

During these conversations, we share the highs and the lows of getting pregnant in a fat body:

  • what was easy,
  • what was hard
  • and what words of wisdom we want to share.

It is my hope that these conversations will empower you to feel confident in your own fat body to become a mama.

These interviews were created with you in mind if:

  • you are in a fat body
  • you want to get pregnant now or sometime in the future
  • you worry about if you will be able to get pregnant
  • you worry if you should even try and get pregnant

Each video interview is between 30-60 min long. You can watch the interview here or access the audio to watch on the go a week later. Transcripts for those who prefer to read the interviews will be available soon.


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My Story

1 Lessons

Welcome to the first video of Empowering Fat Future Mamas.

In this video I share:

- why I started Empowering Fat Future Mamas,

- my experience of PCOS,

- how I conceived my two boys.

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Amanda's Story

1 Lessons

Welcome to the first interview of Empowering Fat Future Mamas.

I'm so honoured to have interviewed my great friend and fellow Fat mama Amanda Laird.

Amanda is an incredible holistic nutritionist who is breaking the curse of menstruation through her podcast "The Heavy Flow podcast" and her upcoming book "Heavy Flow". She shares so much glorious information on her instagram over at @amandalaird

Emily's Story

1 Lessons

We are here for the second instalment of Empowering Fat Future Mamas.

It was such a pleasure to chat with gorgeous mama Emily Lawler.

Emily created her mouth-watering food blog for mamas after she had her first son Max. She was finally able to embrace her love of food and shares all her adventures in the London culinary scene on her Instagram account @mamamimosaldn.

Mia's Story
Katie's Story
Nikki's Story

1 Lessons