The Fertility Un-Diet


When you want to get pregnant, you will do just about anything to get there. Including revamping your whole lifestyle, diet included!

 But where the hell do you start?

 There is a lot of advice out there about what to eat on your fertility journey. There a millions of fertility diets, lists of what not to eat and fertility superfoods (I’m looking at you pineapple core!)

The problem is that it can quickly make food another stick you can beat yourself up with. The diet industry is rampant and it has NO place in the fertility world. You probably already have a pretty shitty relationship with your body so why add to it by putting yourself on a diet?

I want to show you how to finally get free from all the diet crap. We are going to find what works for you. Nobody else, you.


Does this sound like you? 

  • You want to eat the “right” foods to get pregnant, but you don’t know where to start
  • You’ve been on a diet your whole life and you are getting pretty bloody sick of it all to be honest
  • All the information you can find about fertility diets are really strict or downright weird
  • You don’t want this to take over your life, you’d actually like to enjoy living whilst you get pregnant

I am going to help you figure out what foods YOU should be eating whilst you are on your journey to getting pregnant.


Over 8 weeks you’ll discover:

  • What foods make you feel amazing and give you heaps of energy
  • What foods deplete you and make you feel like crap
  • How to balance your food everyday so that you are getting all the building blocks you need to nourish your body in preparation for pregnancy
  • What small changes you can make every day to free you from a diet mentality once and for all.

Instead of having that constant cycle of thoughts about what you should eat, what you shouldn't eat, how you should feel guilty about what you already did it, you'll feel empowered to make a decision around what to eat and then move on with your life.

Instead of spending every spare moment googling what the "good" food are for fertility and what the "bad" foods are, you'll trust what your body is telling you that you need and base your food choices on what makes you feel good.

Instead of weighing yourself every morning and beating yourself up no matter what the number (it's never enough!), you'll base your health on something meaningful like how much energy you have and how you feel on a daily basis.


Here’s what’s included:

  • 8 week course – Each week I will send you the material to work through at your own pace over the week. The material will take about an hour each week to implement and will allow you to fit it into your life without it taking over.
  • I’ll be at the end of an email anytime over our 8 weeks together to keep you on track, motivate you to make these changes and ensure you understand how you can apply it you to each and every step of the way. 

Getting personal e-mail support for such a low cost is unheard of but it's vital to me that you have this in your life.

You are unique and how you apply the lessons to your relationship with food and your body are unique too! I'm committed to helping you make these changes that will last a lifetime (and you'll be able to pass on your new found self confidence to your future babies!)

At the end of 8 weeks, you will have all the information you need about your body to make imformed and empowered decisions about what you put in your mouth and why.

Here is what people are saying about working with me:

Becki - Nicola helped me through some of my toughest moments, going above and beyond to support me through my fertility journey.

I firmly believe she was instrumental to finally helping me achieve my goal of becoming a mum.

Thank you Nicola, I couldn’t have done it without you and I certainly couldn’t recommend you enough!

Isobel - When we started working together I was feeling overwhelmed and afraid that engaging with fertility support would cause it to further dominate and consume my life – in fact the opposite happened – I feel more empowered to honour the importance of this journey and what comes up but also able to hold and focus on other parts of life.

Your lovely, empathic, warm style was really welcoming and so different to other programs. I now feel more positive and in control of my lifestyle and more accepting of the challenges of this fertilty journey and everything it brings up. I feel more able to accept difficult emotions rather than shutting them out or beating myself up about feeling them.


I'm in!

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What's your relationship with food?

1 Lessons

The Fertility UnDiet is like the reset switch for diets.

Before we get started, it's really useful to reflect on where you are now. 

I've put a whole bunch of questions together so that you can assess what your relationship with food looks like now.

To access the questions make sure you're signed in if you already have an account.

To get a free account (and free access to the questions) you can sign up right here:

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The joys of journaling

3 Lessons

We start with setting our intention and journaling to build positive habits

Beliefs around food

1 Lessons

Untangle your beliefs around the food you eat.


1 Lessons

A short exercise this week in looking at what triggers us to eat and why.


1 Lessons

How are you making your choices around food? What impacts your daily decisions?

Detective time

1 Lessons

Time to use the information in your journal to get some valuable insights into your body.

Forgive, forgive, forgive

1 Lessons

What do YOU need?

1 Lessons

A mini daily habit to prioritise your needs.

It's a cycle

1 Lessons

Follow this cycle to continue this work throughout your life.


1 Lessons