Fat Positive Fertility Coaching [PERSONAL SUPPORT]


No-one told you how hard it would be to become a mother.

 The physical side is hard:

  • feeling like you need to give up red wine and good coffee, (the true loves of your life)
  • eating the “perfect” paleo/gluten-free/*insert trendy new diet here* diet
  • punishing yourself with body-pump every lunchtime to lose weight

but what you didn’t expect was feeling ashamed of wanting to even become a mother at your size.

Everyone has an opinion about how much weight you need to lose before you’re an “acceptable” weight to get pregnant and what you should try to shift the weight.It’s unthinkable that you should try and get pregnant just as you are.

You’re used to being made to feel crap about your weight at the doctors, but you just can’t put this on hold any longer. 

You’ve already tried a million and one diets in your lifetime so how is dieting going to fix things now?

You and your body haven’t been friends since platform boots were in fashion but now you cannot take it anymore. You feel utterly betrayed that your body cannot give you the one thing that you want most in the world. 

I get it. I spent all of my twenties yo-yo dieting, thinking that I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant and struggling to control my PCOS. It took a pretty horrific situation (you can read more about it here) to get my act together and get to a place where I was able to get pregnant and have my two boys. Spoiler alert – I didn’t do it by losing weight.

You don’t have to either!

Welcome to Fat Positive Fertility Coaching

Together we are going to get really clear about what is going on with your health, your mindset and your life – and it isn’t about your weight!

We’ll uncover everything that is potentially getting in the way of you getting pregnant and figure out the best tools for you to move past these issues.

Getting pregnant is so much more than losing weight and having lots of sex. 

No one thing is going to help you get pregnant, which is why you need a personally designed program so that you can put all your efforts into things that are actually going to help you get pregnant.


With Fat Positive Fertility Coaching, we work together to design your perfect fertility program.

Our bodies are insanely complicated, which is great when we’re going about our daily business, but when something goes wrong, it means we need to dig deep into what is happening in every area of your life (even if you are sure it’s not related to your fertility) to uncover what the hell is going on.

Everything is interconnected and sometimes working on something that you think couldn’t possibly be connected will be the missing link and everything will fall into place.

We will also be working on tools that you can use to advocate for your body with other healthcare professionals. You will never leave the doctors office again feeling judged, ignored and ashamed of your body.


Using my FAT POSITIVE blueprint we’ll:


F – Formulate: Create a plan to take your health (physical, mental, spiritual and everything else in between) from where it is right now to where you want it to be.

A – Advocate: Work together to give you the tools to advocate for your own body with other healthcare professionals.

T – Trust: Learn how to trust your own body and your gut instincts so you can work with your body to achieve your goal of getting pregnant.

+VE: Shift your inner monologue from “I’m too fat to get pregnant” to “I know my body is capable of having a healthy and successful pregnancy”


Here’s how it works:

☎️  We book in our first foundational call together (60mins) so that together we can uncover what is going on and create a plan of action using the FAT+ve blueprint. We start by formulating a plan how to make big shifts in your health, wellbeing and fertility. At the end of our first call you will come away with a series of action steps and feel really clear about what your next step is.

☕️  Every other week we meet online for 45mins so that we can delve even deeper as you integrate the plan from the foundational call into your day-to-day life .

We’ll chat about the steps you’ve taken, what’s been going well, what you feel you need more support on, what challenges you’ve come across and how you can overcome them without feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

We then build upon the other key areas of the blueprint as needed so that you can attend doctors appointments with confidence, create a positive mindset in your day to day life and learn how to become your own expert on your body.

💌  I’ll be there at the end of an email every day. Whether you have a question about how you can get a better night’s sleep tonight, how to get through the rest of your day at work when your colleague just announced she’s pregnant, what to do when your period came early and all those other hundreds of anxieties/worries/stresses going through your head, just send me an email and we’ll work through it together.


Investment: £300 each month



1) Click the link to fill in an application form so I can learn more about you

2) I’ll get back to your within 24 hours to book a chat to see if we’re a good fit

3) If we’re a good fit, I’ll show you the options for us to start ASAP and if not, I’ll make sure to point you to the right resources.