[SHORT COURSE] How to stop feeling shit about wanting to get pregnant

I believe in you and your ability to get pregnant right now.Not when you’ve lost X lb, not when you’ve followed the latest diet, now.

 I know that when everyone else around you tells you that it’s wrong, you can’t help but think that maybe they’re right.

Even if you feel good in your body, ready to get pregnant, those lingering thoughts can sneak in at the any moment and whisper those mean words to you:

“You’re not good enough to be a parent”

“How can you even think about being a parent at your size?!?”

“But what about all those risks?”

“There is no way you will even be able to get pregnant until you lose 5 stone and you can’t even lose 5 lb! You are such a loser”

It’s time to put an end to that voice.

Join me in this course and over 5 days we are going to change those beliefs so you can begin to feel good about getting pregnant right now.

Regardless of your BMI

During our five days together you will stop feeling shit about getting pregnant and you’ll:


    • unlearn and get free of limiting beliefs you may hold about pregnancy in a fat body.
    • learn how to identify other peoples’ biases and set powerful boundaries with them.
    • rediscover how truly capable your body is and appreciate it.

Here is how the course work:

    • each day over 5 days, you’ll receive an email from me with a link to the day’s exercise,
    • the daily exercise will take 15-20 minutes max and comes with a little video to help you work through it,

Are you in?

Plus join now and you also get free support inside Nicola's private community "The Fat and Fertile Alliance”

6 Modules

Belief Mapping

Uncover what beliefs might be holding you back

Trust your body

It's been a long battle with your body. Let's start to turn the tables.

Other people's beliefs

How to stop listening to what everyone else is saying.


Three epic journaling prompts to help you move past what's holding you back.

Flipping your beliefs

A powerful exercise in flipping those negative beliefs.

Modules for this course 6
Stop feeling shit

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